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Worked Example: How to Add a Charge Condition that applies to Mutiple Circumstances


A pet sitting company charges $15.00 for a 30 minute dog walk for two dogs. However they have a discount for recurring clients, and also charge more for walks on public holidays.

In this example, you have mutiple circumstances where you need a different price for recurring clients, another for walks on public holidays, but also a price for when a recurring client books a walk on a public holiday. It's useful to avoid creating a new service for every set of multiple circumstances. This will clutter up your service list and make the system less easy to use. Instead we set up a multiple charge condition and apply it to the standard 30 minute dog walking service so that altered rates are automatically calculated when the service is scheduled whatever the circumstances.


  • Click "Add a New Condition"

  • Select "the client type is" in the left hand drop down menu

  • Select "Recurring Client" in the right hand drop down menu

  • Then click "Add another if..."

  • Next select "it is a public holiday"

  • You have now created a charge condition that relies on multiple circumstances

  • Type "18".00 in the box labelled "Then charge"

  • Click "Add".

This has created a rule which you can now see on the Charge Conditions list for this service item. This rule will automatically charge $18.00 for any 30 minute dog walk for two dogs that you schedule for recurring clients that take place on a public holiday (as marked in your public holiday planner)


Next set up the single charge conditions for both these circumstances as you can see in the example screenshot below.

  • A new condition for if "client type is" "Recurring Client" then charge $14.00

  • And another condition for if "it is a public holiday" then charge $19.00

Pet Sitter Plus should automatically put the multiple statements in the correct order. If they are not, you can click "Auto-Order" to make sure, or select each condition and "move up" or "move down" to change the order in which they appear.


As a general rule, the more arguments that you have in your charge condition then the higher up the list the condition should be.




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