Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel > Your Data


Once logged onto the Client Portal, from the "Your Data" screen your client will be able to:

  • view and amend their personal details

  • view and amend their pet information, as well as adding new pets


You should have some more comprehensive custom fields, so your client will also be able to:

  • upload photos to the client and pet record

  • amend their property location and security details and upload photos of these

  • update their house visit routine and overnight service requests

  • update the feeding, play and sleeping routines for each pet individually

  • download copies of contracts and forms that you have uploaded to their client data


In order for this to happen, you need to have given your clients access to make changes in the Your Data section. See Giving your Clients Access to the Client Portal for more information on this topic.



NOTE: Custom Fields enables our pet sitting companies to create and develop their own environment within the CLIENTS & PETS pages in YOUR DATA within Pet Sitter Plus. This means that where your admin has introduced custom fields that are unique to your business, certain fields on our help screens may not look exactly the same as yours. We therefore can only provide explanations and descriptions of our standard system fields, and recommend you see your admin for more information.


If you wish to change the content and layout in this section, see Custom Fields for more information.


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NOTE: CUSTOM FIELDS may change the appearance of this section in PSP.

Updating the Client Details >

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Updating and Adding a Pet >

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Uploading a Photo or Document >

Learn how to upload a copy of a client or pet photo, or a document to the client portal.


Downloading a Photo or Document >

Learn how to download a copy of a client or pet photo, or a document from the client portal.

Add or Change Vet >

Your clients should be encouraged to select their veterinary practice from the pre-defined list for their pet.

How Will I Know When a Client Updates their Details in the Portal? >

View how you are notified of any changes that a client makes to the "Your Data" page in the client portal.