Clients can pay you via a direct bank transfer, check or cash following your procedures. However, unlike with Stripe, receipts for these payments must be entered manually into Pet Sitter Plus before the client's account balance reflects the payments made.


There are a few ways you can receipt payments to your client's account, depending upon whether they are paying an invoice in full, making a part payment or paying cash on account for an invoice that is yet to be raised.

All payments received are listed using the Receipts Report.

How do I Create a New Receipt?


  • Click "Add New Receipt" from the sub menu on the left.

  • Enter the information as follows:


Enter the date the payment was received into your bank.


Enter the payment amount.

Receipt Type

Enter the method of payment, such as direct credit, cash or check.


The default text can be left as "Payment Received" or you can adjust to suit your own description.


  • Pet Sitter Plus will allocate the amount of the payment to the outstanding invoice that best matches the payment amount.

  • If this payment was meant for a different invoice, you can change the amounts manually.

  • If you want to send your client an email receipt, check the box for "Email Client".

  • Select the appropriate "Email Template" from the drop down list.

  • You can edit the "Subject" and the "Email Body" content as you wish.

  • Click "Add This Receipt".

  • Once entered, the account summary in the client portal will reflect the payment amount and show the invoice as "Paid".