Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel > click "Settings"


The Settings screen enables your client set up paying online with a debit or credit card and can:

  • register one or more credit/debit cards with you

  • delete any cards already registered

  • specify which card is the default card to be used for making payments

  • Your client can also authorise you to take due payments automatically from their card here (unless you have switched this option off in which case they can not opt out - see the information on Setting your  Stripe Credentials and in particular the option Taking Automatic Payments for more information


See Taking a Payment via Stripe for more help on this topic.


Bank Accounts (US only)


Instead of entering credit or debit card details, your client can link their bank account to Pet Sitter Plus in the client portal. In doing so they authorize you to take payments directly from their account. This process is set up through ACH.



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Paying by Debit / Credit Card Online >

Stripe offers a simple and convenient way to enable your clients to pay their invoices with a credit and / or a debit card.


Paying via a Bank Account (US Only) >

Find out how clients can link their bank account to Pet Sitter Plus so payments can be taken automatically.