Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel


Once logged onto the Client Portal, your client will be able to:

  • view their account summary

  • pay individual invoices or the full amount owed

  • view their calendar (schedule), showing services (jobs) which have been scheduled for them in Pet Sitter Plus

  • view check-in/out data on previously scheduled jobs

  • view historic feedback reports on previously scheduled jobs

  • make an online booking or request for services (jobs) to be scheduled for them in Pet Sitter Plus

  • cancel scheduled services (jobs)

  • view invoices raised in the last 12 months and download a pdf file of any of these invoices

  • view all payments and refunds made

  • view and amend their contact details and pet information, including uploading photographs 

  • enter and manage debit/credit card details and add bank accounts for payments by ACH (US only).


Note: You can make all – or some – of these functions available for your clients. You have the flexibility in Pet Sitter Plus to choose which functions you want to make available.


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Account Summary and Making Payments >

Clients can see their account balance and see how to pay their balance in full or choose to pay individual invoices.


Client Schedule >

Explains what clients can see on their diary (schedule), how they can make online bookings or cancel scheduled services. Learn how clients can view check-in/out data and feedback reports on previously scheduled jobs.


Client Invoices >

Clients can view a list of their invoices from the last 12 months, and download a PDF copy if they wish.


View a Client's Payment History >

The payment history screen is explained here and also how to view older payments.


Your Data >

In this area of the portal clients can enter and update their contact details, together with adding or amending existing pets, including uploading documents and photographs. Learn how to enable these functions for your clients.


Settings >

Explains the procedure for enabling your clients to register payment cards to make online bookings through the portal, and how to register a bank account for ACH payments (US only).


Registration and Passwords >

Find out about the procedures clients should follow to register in the client portal, and what to do if they forget their password.