Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel > click "Schedule"


The ability for your clients to request a service (such as a dog walk) on a specified date is an optional function within your Client Portal, which you can choose to make available to your clients or not. To find out how to switch this function on or off from Pet Sitter Plus, please refer to the Client Portal Settings help page.


Next you need to decide which of your service items you want your clients to be able to request and ensure they are made visible in the client portal - see the Advanced sub menu in each Service Items settings.


Please note that the client is only "requesting" the service at this stage - you will be notified by email of the "job request" and can the choose whether you wish to schedule it or communicate the request to the client and/or sitter to clarify any details. See What Happens After a Booking is Made Online? for details on what to do next. 


NOTE: Only if you have enabled your clients to make online bookings (request services) will there be a green "Request Services" button shown under the account number towards the top right of each screen in the client portal, as shown in the screenshot of an account summary in the portal below.


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How to Request a Service >

Explains how a client can make an online booking (request a service) from the client portal.


How to Add Further Services to a Booking >

Once a client has made an online booking (requested services), they may wish to add further services to the request.


What Happens After a Booking is Made Online? >

Learn about the process to manage online bookings once a client has submitted a job request.


How Will I Know When a Client makes an Online Booking? >

Explains how you are notified immediately, via the job request workflow, when a client makes an online booking.


What Happens if a Client Forgets to Submit their Booking? >

As a safety measure, if a client forgets to send their booking through, there is a process for ensuring you are informed to enable you to communicate with your client about the request.


How Does a Client Cancel a Job Request before it has been Scheduled?

A client may decide to cancel a job request before you have had a chance to schedule the job. This explains what happens in this situation and how you will be notified about it.