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The most efficient and reliable method of accepting online payments from your clients is through Stripe.

Your clients can make payments to you from your Client Portal, and receipts for any payments will automatically be posted in Pet Sitter Plus.

There is some time involved in the initial setup for Stripe, and will involve payment of a commission fee for each payment taken. Stripe's commission fees are amongst the lowest available for this type of secure payment processing.


However, the advantages are:

  • there is no need for you or your sitters to handle cash, which can result in losing track of whether payments have been made

  • there is no need to pay visits to the bank to deposit checks

  • Pet Sitter Plus automatically detects when a payment has been made and posts a receipt for the payment, saving you time doing this job yourself

  • With Stripe, you can take an automatic payment from your client's credit/debit card when it is due so you don't have to wait for the client to get around to paying you. Once you have raised your invoices (either individually or in bulk) you can collect payment of all outstanding invoices which can be paid using the Stripe payment method with just a few mouse clicks.


Can I use PayPal as some of my clients prefer this method?
Yes - you can use PayPal in conjunction with Stripe and other payment methods. See Taking a Payment via PayPal for more information.


Can I use different payment methods for different clients?
Yes - there is a field on each client record "Payment Credentials". Initially, this will be set to "None". If you introduce Stripe facilities (or PayPal), then you will be able to select any of these options for each of your clients.

So it is easily possible to collect payments from some clients using Stripe, have some clients making payments from the client portal using PayPal and some clients paying you by check/bank transfer etc. for whom you are posting receipts manually.

For more information on setting up default Payment Credentials in Pet Sitter Plus, see Payment Credentials.

For more information about changing individual payment settings on the client record, see Payment Credentials.


Alternatively, you may receive payment from your clients in the form of cash, cheque, direct credit to your bank account etc. These payment methods don't require any special setup but do have administrative overheads - handling and banking of cash and cheques and manual posting of receipts in Pet Sitter Plus. See Taking a Payment via Other Methods for more information.



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Pet Sitter Plus will automatically post the receipt to the client's account, mark the invoice as paid and adjust their balance saving you time manually posting receipts. 


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