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You will be notified in a variety of ways that a client has canceled a scheduled job.


In a similar way to invoices and quotes, you will receive a copy of the Job Cancelation email that is automatically generated and sent to your client. The email is sent to your admin inbox notifying you that a job request has been received.


Who receives the job cancelation email?

  • The job cancelation email is always sent to the client's email address held on file. If there is an alternative contact held on file and the option to "copy emails to this address" has been checked, then the email will also go to the alternative contacts email address.

  • The job cancelation email is always sent to the company email. The company email can be found in ADMIN > SETTINGS > Company information.


 How can I change the text on my confirmation emails?

  • The text of the job cancelation email can be changed in ADMIN > SETTINGS > Client Portal Settings > "Job Canceled Signoff".


You will be notified of job cancelations from your HOME screen as well.