What do you tell a Client who has Forgotten their Password to the Client Portal?


When a client forgets their password for the Client Portal, they can choose the "Forgotten password?" link. The password will be reset and they will receive an email with a link to a page where they can enter a new password. They simply need to follow the following instructions.


  • Click the "Forgotten password?" link.


  • Enter the 10-digit unique account number in the panel.

  • Click "Reset Password".

  • A message indicates that an email has been sent to the main contact email address on the client account.

  • Note that the link has a 2 hour time limit. If the client exceeds this time limit, they will need to follow the reset password procedure again. 

  • In your email, click the link to perform the "password reset" in your browser

  • Enter your new password into both panels

  • Click "Set password"


If this has been done correctly, the client will be redirected to their Account Summary screen.


If you have not entered your passwords correctly and they are not identical, you will see an error message saying the passwords do not match.

  • Enter them again and click "Set password"