​Unlike when clients add a tip BEFORE a job has taken place, here we are looking at a situation where the client has ALREADY PAID the tip. You are therefore needing to add the tip so you:

a) have accurate records for accounting purposes of monies received and paid out,

b) can bank the checks if that is how the tip was paid and record the receipt of the check as well,

c) can collate all cash tips at the end of the week or month, and add the tip as compensation for accurate recording, which is then added to the compensation report and paid to the sitter.

How do I add a tip that was paid in cash or by check?

The first step is to create one or more "tip" service items that can be used to record the tip. It can be as simple as adding a service item named "Tip" which you can then simply adjust the amount paid. All you need to do is ensure that the compensation is set to "100%" so that the full amount shows in the compensation report.

See Adding a New Service for further information on setting up service items if you need more help.

Next, you need to ensure the services have the correct settings so that they appear on the order and the quote/invoice, but don't show up on the Schedule or Client Portal if you don't want your clients to book this online.

  • Choose the "General" setting on the central panel, and ensure the compensation is set to always be "100%".

  • In the "Advanced" setting, make sure "Hide in Diary" is checked and "Show in Portal" is unchecked.

  • Make sure it is an "internal service" and that it ​​



The next step is to receipt the tip, whether it is paid in cash, check or by direct bank transfer.

  • Navigate to CLIENTS > RECEIPTS > and choose "Add New Receipt" from the sub menu on the left.

  • Choose the "date" that the tip was left.

  • Enter the amount.

  • Choose whether it was a check or cash etc.

  • Alter the "details" to remind you what and who the tip was for.

  • Make sure that it is NOT allocated to an existing invoice. This is so when we raise the invoice with the tip on it, the unallocated amount will automatically be applied to that invoice and the tip will be paid off.

  • Click "Add This Receipt".


Navigation: CLIENTS > ORDERS

Now add the tip onto an order, preferably one that is still at quote stage and has not yet been invoiced. We will use an example where Dino was walked for a week. Linnet did 3 walks and Yvette did 2. The client left a tip of $25.00 in cash and asked for the tip to be distributed evenly between them. You will therefore need to add 2 tip services so you can assign each tip to each sitter.

  • Navigate to the order and click "Add Jobs...".

  • Choose the date the tip was left.

  • Select the "Tip" service item.

  • Choose the staff member who the tip was left for – in this case we will do Linnet's tip first.

  • Click "Add Jobs".

Follow the same procedure for Yvette's tip.

NOTE: if your client left any comments with the tip, or mentioned something to you for the staff to know, you can add it here in the staff notes.


Next you will need to edit the tip services so that the value is correct for each sitter. So the client left a tip of $25.00 to be distributed evenly between the sitters. So as Linnet did 3 walks, she should get $15.00 and Yvette should get $10.00.

  • Select Linnet's tip, and click "Edit Jobs...".

  • Enter the tip allocated to Linnet which is for $15.00.

  • Make sure that the amount of compensation is the same full amount.

  • Click "Update".


The invoice is now ready to be raised. When you view the Quote, you can see that the tip you receipted earlier for $25.00 is showing as "unallocated". 

However, the value of the invoice will be $150.00 now as it includes the $25.00 tip.

When the invoice is raised, Pet Sitter Plus will use any unallocated receipts to "part-pay" the new invoice if possible.


When the invoice has been raised, you can see that the unallocated amount of $25.00 has been automatically used to pay some of the invoice.


What do I do if a client leaves a tip for a job that has already been invoiced?

In the scenario above, your client might already have paid the full $125.00, but then left a tip afterwards. So you need an accurate way of adding the tip and allocating it to your staff, but maybe it would be better not to update the client by email as it might confuse matters.


You can follow the method above but amending it slightly to avoid emailing the client. So you:

  • receipt the tip so the $25.00 is unallocated

  • add the tip to the original order which already has the invoiced jobs on it

  • raise an invoice for the tip(s) only BUT uncheck the option to email the client

  • the new invoice is then fully paid and the tip is allocated correctly to Linnet and Yvette

  • The invoice is recorded on the client portal if the client looks through their invoices for their records, but as it is paid in full, it is for their records only and needs no action.